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Over Happy Family Weekend

The Happy Family Weekend, an initiative of the Shri Satyam Sai World Foundation, is an annual event aimed at bringing people from all walks of life together to experience a weekend of fellowship and spirituality. The event is open to everyone regardless of background, culture, religion, or belief, focusing on the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. These are based on the 5 universal human values he identifies: Truth (Sathya), Righteousness (Dharma), Peace (Shanti), Love (Prema), and Non-violence (Ahimsa).
The Foundation aims to create a safe and warm environment where families and individuals can meet, share experiences, and grow together in their spiritual journey. Activities are designed to be accessible to both young and old and to promote an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

In addition to providing a space for personal growth and community building, the Happy Family Weekend also serves as a source of income for a larger goal: funding a future permanent location for the Foundation. This home will serve as a place for education, spiritual development, and community activities, furthering and strengthening the vision of the Shri Satyam Sai World Foundation.

The funds collected during this event are thus not only an investment in the current moment of togetherness but also in the sustainable future of our organization committed to the well-being and spiritual enrichment of the community and the individual.

For more information, visit www.shrisswf.org